3G - Crowdfunding

Can you help? We're raising funds to replace our community and school 3G pitch.

3g-pitchOur 3G pitch was laid in 2010 and is a huge asset to both the local community and the school. It is now at the end of life, requiring imminent replacement to remain accessible to both the community and the school. We've hit unprecedented times over the past 12 months with the Sports Centre suffering substantial financial losses and we are therefore reaching out to the local community to help raise some funds towards its replacement. 

Who are we and what do we offer...

Rossett Sports Centre 

The pitch has over 55,000 local community users annually, made up from a wide ranging demographic - whether it's the home of junior & senior football clubs, disability groups or recreational groups.

Our Fundraising Target


Find out more on our Crowdfunding Page

If you'd you'd like anymore information on our crowdfunding campaign or would like to discuss how you could help as an inidvidual or business, please get in touch with our centre manager. 

Josh Lyon - 01423 706720 ~ jlyon@rossettschool.co.uk

Thank you and spread the word to help us reach our target.