What's on



20:10 - 20:40


20:45 - 21:15

(max 10 per class)


  • 30 minute sessions
  • Body weight exercises
  • No membership required
  • Pay as you go

Rossett Sports Centre not only facilitates your sporting needs, but is implementing a new initiative to maintain your fitness. CIRCUIT TRAINING has landed, making Rossett the centre of your fitness. 

These sessions will focus on body weight exercises, minimising the needs for equipment and experience; allowing anyone to attend. The structure will involve 30 minutes of circuit training working the whole body, led by our comprehensive and experienced instructor, Dan Gillbanks.

The sessions are pay as you go and no membership is required, just your engagement and enjoyment. 

Single Session - £6 ~ 4 Session Block - £20

Both the single £6 sessions and £20 four session packages can be purchased/booked online. 

Book sessions online or contact reception, 01423 564462.

Please note - sessions can only be booked 4 weeks in advance on our online system, so the first bookable session will appear on 6th February


Commencing Wednesday 6th March 2019

For more info, please contact Dan Gillbanks directly - dgillbanks@rossettschool.co.uk