About the Centre

Privacy policy

Updated – 8/9/22

Rossett Sports Centre process personal data relating to our customers for the purposes of facility lettings.  This allows us to effectively manage the facilities on a daily basis. Further details on this can be found below... 

 How we store your data

  • All customer data is stored securely on our online based booking system, EZ Facility TMS.
  • The EZ Facility TMS system is password protected and only accessible by the Sports Centre employees.
  • All paperwork containing personal data is stored in the Sports Centre office in locked storage units.

What we do with your data

  • Customer data is solely used for facility booking purposes on the EZ Facility TMS system.
  • No data is ever shared with any third parties or individuals outside the Sports Centre staff team.

How is your data used on the EZ Facility TMS system

  • Input/move/delete bookings
  • Manage client accounts
  • Processing invoices
  • Track facility usage
  • Send Sports Centre relevant information via email

Online registrations

All online registrations are securely stored and managed on the EZ Facility TMS system

Access to your data

You have the right to access and amend the data we hold. To do so, please email sportscentre@rossettschool.co.uk

Right of deletion

Your data is securely held on our system, but you have the right to request full deletion of all the personal data we hold, as long as it is not in use with current bookings etc. To request deletion, please email sportscentre@rossettschool.co.uk

Rossett School Policies

We also adhere to the School policies, which can be found here.

We will continually review how we process and store data to ensure we are fully compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulation.